(in chronological order)


Paper Bag in the Hollywood Independent, 1/9/85

"Collage" review, Music Connection, '85

"85.5" review, Option Magazine, '85

"Victimless Crime" review, Music Connection, '85

 "Victimless Crime" review, Fortnightly College Radio Report, '85

"Victimless Crime" review, Sound Choice, '85

"Victimless Crime" review, Unsound, '85

"Victimless Crime" review, The Improvisor

 promotional sheet for "Victimless Crime", late '85; features DJ and review quotes

live review, C.O.M.A. show, ?/?/86 (?)

an invitation to trade radio sets, private letter, late 1986

review, Ticket To Trauma, Option Magazine Jul/Aug 1987

live review, The Whiskey, from Music Connection, July 13-26 1987 issue

Justiceville show- L.A. Weekly 8/6/87 (?)

Paper Bag plays the Hass-Klein wedding, Music Connection, 9/7-20/87

Paper Bag gets L.A. Weekly pick of the week, 9/10/87

Paper Bag feature story from Option Magazine, Sep./Oct. 1987

"A Land Without Fences" review in Billboard, 1/23/88

"A Land Without Fences" review in Melody Maker, ?/?/88

"Music To Trash" release announced in L.A. Times, 10/16/88

Paper Bag feature story in the Los Angeles Times, 1/6/89

Paper Bag retrospective at Aural Innovations, 10/26/02 (history/critique & reviews of all 4 albums and the Bag: Theory CD


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