(Background: This document was sent to the recipients of the original 7 radio sets after the MPPA fiasco. We were set back so far- there was no hope in sight at this time- that we did not know when our album would be released, if ever. The letter shows a brave face and puts a time frame on things, but we really had no clue. We did not know that SST would step in eventually and pick up "TTT". I thought the scheme suggested in this letter would be a good way to keep unheard PB music circulating, and suggested it to the other guys, who liked the idea. It was written up, signed, and forwarded to the 7 DJs, along with a list of contact information. As far as I know, most of them did trade sets, which were then aired.)


PAPER BAG has been robbed.

Because of felonies committed against the band, the LP "Ticket to Trauma" will not be released as scheduled.

MPPA, Inc., a local manufacturer of vinyl LP's, has possession of our master tapes, artwork, and money to produce 1,000 copies of "Ticket to Trauma". Without notifying anyone, MPPA Inc. is going out of business, and they are so deeply in debt to CBS records that PAPER BAG and as many as forty other artists will be lucky to receive back one dime of embezzled funds. Legal proceedings to recover our master tapes and artwork are being initiated; should they succeed, it will be six to eight months (at minimum) before we will have funds to press the LP.

Enclosed with this letter is a list of radio stations that received live sets. You can help us not to lose momentum by asking other stations to swap copies of sets. In this way, for every copy of your set that you send out, you will recieve a full set of original material never before heard outside of that station's locale. This would generate enough material previously unheard by many listeners to keep the band in the public ear until we recover from this financial disaster.Your participation would be greatly appreciated,


Thank you very much,


Paper Bag

Greg Segal (signature)

M. Segal (signature)

Kenny Ryman (signature)

George Radai (signature)



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