L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week, 9/4/87

Well, here's someone who was consistently supportive of us who didn't then become a part of the band's social landscape- we didn't play her wedding (Michelle) and she didn't do liner notes for us (Bob Morris). In fact I'm not sure I ever met her personally. I'm pretty sure M. talked to her on the phone and I figure she must have seen us a few times. This is one place my memory, which is normally very good, turns muddy. People used to come up to me before and after shows and my mind was always on playing or the equipment. I would talk to anyone who came up, seem quite animated, and remember a few comments; but otherwise names and faces would just evaporate from my semi-conscious mind in a matter of seconds. So Cindy, if you're out there reading this and I did meet you- no offense, sweets. I once failed to spot the very obvious presence of Zoogz Rift when he was seated about 10 feet from my pedalboard at a Be-Bop Records gig- I think that about says it.

Also unlike most people who covered the band, Cindy is still active in journalism. I was very pleased to see her name on a recent article about Screamin' Jay Hawkins, printed shortly after he died. Keep rockin' Cindy! (You can't see it but I'm holding up a lighter.)


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