This is a sampler from the first two collections of recordings by the band from early '84, neither of which are currently in my possession. (I'm also not sure if those were ever given covers, or if they were just sent out with song titles as in the listing above.) It features lineup E: Greg Segal- guitar, effects, organ, bass; M. Segal- drums and percussion; Ken Rosser- guitar, effects, bass; and Bruce Heubner- saxaphones, flute and oboe. No vocals/poetry just yet.

Sharp eyes will notice that the cover design, except for being in black and white, is basically the same as for the 2nd LP, " A Land Without Fences"; M. revived it for that in full color but the screens used were the same.

There's some very nice, atmospheric stuff here, though very different from what came after, especially in approach. Probably the most significant difference is that in these early days, we did use fade-outs or fade-ins when it suited us, and a few are in evidence here.


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