The Musicians and lineup history:

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a ) Greg Segal, guitar and effects; M. Segal, drums and percussion; Richard Derrick, bass; Mark Olsen, keyboards. 9/83.

This lineup lasted for the first rehearsal, after which Mark Olsen dropped out.

b) GS, MS, RD. 9/83 -11/11/83.

c) GS, MS (now doing vocals), RD; Ken Rosser, guitar and effects. 11/18/83 to 12/1/83 (last known tape with RD, who may have been involved up to 12/16).

d) GS (now also playing organ and bass), MS, KR (now also playing bass). 12/23/83-1/9/84.

e) GS, MS, KR; Bruce Heubner, sax, flute, oboe. 1/9/84 - 2/10/84

f) GS, MS, KR; Kenny Ryman, keyboards, tape loops, vocals, percussion. 2/24/84 - 7/19/85. GS & KR pretty much both stick to guitar at this point.

g) GS, MS, KRy; George Radai, bass, effects and vocals. 7/23/85 - 1/10/89.

h) GS, MS, GR. 1/11/89 - 6/89.

i) GS, MS, GR; Dave McIntire, vocals. 7/90 - 10/90. Short - lived but very fun reincarnation.

j) GS, MS, GR, DM. 3/31/00. Reformed for new recording. (There was also a gig between this and 1990 at Odds and Sods records, in 1992, in Reseda. )


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