George Radai


George in late 1987, during rehearsals before recording "Music To Trash"

Photo: Ken Zelinka


born 12-9-1960 in Montreal Canada, emigrated variously till rooting in So Cal in 1975. Began bass playing following year, inspired by a dear friend's infectious love of Yes, and of course Chris Squire and the majestic lines that he played. Bass was therapeutic for my introverted personality which was basically "horny egghead"

Practiced furiously and played with lots of garage bands until meeting up with M. Segal thru a mutual friend. Went and saw PB play at UCLA and if I hadn't been trying to get into my date's panties at the time I might have been more appreciative of what was going on. All I remember was noticing they hadn't a I presented myself and after a few grueling test/rehearsals where I proved I could improvise, I was made a band member.. (you see, I had learned to play lots of things off albums by listening [ear-training!] and jamming to them until I started to pick out the correct notes to play.)

Since PB, I played with COLD SKY, SANDBOX REVOLT (w\ ENOCH HAIN), DR. BLUE, TAO JONES, LISTEN, and many others as a temporary fill-in guy. The project I've been involved with for the last couple of years is called RITUAL, with Mike Day on vocals, and Jon Tompkins on guitar--we're currently in the studio cutting an album which will be called "CRANIAL BLOATING ON THE PLANET OF THE RATS", and it guest-stars such luminaries as M. Segal on percussion, Ken Rosser on guitar, djunbuch, and mandolin, Hampton Flanagan on drums, and Michele DiSisto on drums, with very likely more folks before it is finished. It's original co-composed material sort of in the Pink Floyd, jane's addiction, Jim Morrison, Velvet Underground vein by way of Yes, Gentle Giant, Bob Marley, and Steely Dan, all fooling around in the dark and being alienated...sort of.

GR, 2/700


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