This was a project by Tony Thijssen, drummer of the jazz fusion band Earthshine. I think he heard us at Be-Bop Records but I don't recall for sure how he found us. He was putting together this compilation of bands from the west San Fernando Valley, a nice package featuring a cassette and a booklet. The booklet had full page bios of each band (there were 10 bands featured, most of them fusion oriented). We had two tracks on here. The tape got reviewed by Music Connection. This project introduced us to a whole bunch of people who we were active with afterwards. There was Tony, who later did some production work for us, and to his future wife Ann; both became good friends. There was The Phlegm Fatales, who became one of our favorite bands to play with (we were on bill with them many times after this) and who also became our friends. They were almost a Zappa/Crimson mix- really fun. There was Anita Marto, who later did video work with PB, including videotaping a bunch of the "Music to Trash" sessions and doing a video with us out at Cal Arts in Valencia. And it introduced me to Chris Wooley and his Clean Machine Studio, where a few months later I recorded "A Man Who Was Here". All of Collage was done there and engineered by Chris.

photos by Ann Gardner (later to become Ann Thijssen)



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