Band Member Contributions

(Ex-members who wish to contact me and put their two cents in about the band and contribute to the site are very welcome to do so. As far as I know this is currently the only page up dealing with the band, so the more info, the better. And if I'm wrong about that, and you have anything PB related up, please let me know so I can link to your site!)


Richard Derrick:

Memories of the birth of PB

Richard's Home Page


David McIntire:

Life as a Paper Bag

Act of Art

Band Poet



George Radai:

Comments about PB

Theory of Bag Adjuncts

George's bio page


Greg Segal:

Paper Bag: Procedures, Rules and Objectives

Addition to Paper Bag: Theory, 3/16/00

Some Thoughts On Improvisation (this is also posted at The Improvisor but I had no luck getting the link to work)

("Improvisation?" article from Perfect Sound Forever )

Acoustic Guitar Smashing


M. Segal:

Crash Course in Paper Bag: Theory

Philosophy of Improvisation

Reflections in a Bag of Glass: Living by the Paper Bag Theory


Tom Shannon:

From Bag Head to Bag Man