Paper: Bag Update, or ‘Where the hell’s that new CD?’

M. Segal 5/27/01


As some of you may know, Paper: Bag recorded an absolute shitload of superb improv last March at Silent Partner Studios in West Los Angeles. The line-up comprised Greg Segal the Merciless, George ‘I can’t stop my fingers!’ Radai, Dave McIntire, counter-counter culture man of lacerating words, an incredible audience, and me ‘umble self.  

There is an enormity of killer material, and we have barely scratched the surface of assembling finished product. A severe lack of time and money on everyone’s part has hampered the project, but we hope to be beyond that now. It is my divine gift to see the future when I so choose, so here is my unearthly prediction: It may take until September of this year before we’re ready to start mixing the chosen tunes. Once that has been accomplished, we really get busy. Mixing, mastering, cover design/production, and the creation of the ominous Package will lie ahead. I see in the clearing mists of yore the first new Paper: Bag release in 13 years, maybe by 2/02. 

While working with the Bag:Theory project, I have been pushing Paper: Bag, too. And strangely enough, The old Bag’s got more friends and clout than I had ever imagined. Over there in Europe, where I’ve been trying to make contacts, we are well remembered and genuinely respected. My hope is that an overseas recording label will license the finished CD and release it commercially. This will enable Paper: Bag to manage a small tour on someone else’s money, perhaps visiting the places where there have always been Bag: fans aplenty. If we have to self-release the stuff, I’ve arranged an investor for the production of 1000 units, which would be offered at many websites and at lots of indy music stores. If that’s the outcome, a tour might be iffy, but great new Paper: Bag will still be easily available, and isn’t that what counts? 

Will another CD be recorded in the future? Greg and I have discussed the notion, and see it as entirely feasible if done in a donated room with rented recording gear. The cost would be low, the effort minor, except for travel (Greg to L.A. or George and I to Portland) and the thought of recording again always seems worthwhile. 

For any other info, ask Greg or George or M., The Paper: bag Answermen!




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